A Royall Juggle

Personal #1: A Royall Juggle

Posted on: September 21, 2010

Although this is my first blog post, I’m definitely not new to writing about my life and expressing my point of view – I’ve kept a journal since third grade which may seem a bit ridiculous to most, but it’s a hobby I’m glad I started at an early age. Plus, the elementary and middle school journal entries never fail as a comic relief on a Friday night :). My friends always get a good laugh reading about why I chose to buy a journal instead of a George Strait country tape in 1992 or what I thought about Kelly and Zach breaking up on the latest “Saved by the Bell” episode. Although what I wrote about then may seem silly now, those journals hold little pieces of my past that keep me grounded and help me keep things in perspective.

The journal entries got few and far between as my life and technology changed. By college, I was much more concerned about planning my social calendar with friends on AIM and about who was “tagging” me in photos from karaoke last night on Facebook than I was about recording my life by pen and paper. Yes, things have changed drastically since I made that life-changing decision to buy my first journal. Now I’m working full-time, pursuing my master’s in PR and Corporate Communications at night and making sure my relationships with family and friends don’t suffer too much along the way. Trying to maintain a healthy work/life/school balance is definitely a juggling act – so is keeping up with all the technologies and tools that can help me do that more productively…


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[…] The first post I wrote on this blog, I talked about juggling all the different aspects of my life and learning how to use social media to help me do those things more productively. After taking this course, I realize it’s also about when NOT to use social media because it can also cause people to be overwhelmed, scattered and unproductive. Since I spent most of this week at work in front of a computer screen during the day and at home in front of a computer screen working on final assignments for school at night, I am honestly thrilled to have a break from the screen over the holidays. I plan to start blogging again when I begin Advanced Digital Strategy next semester, but until then you can count on me being disconnected – using the gap between semesters to reflect on what I learned. […]

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