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Our blog topic this week is appropriate for the day – what website are you most thankful for and why? Although I visit a decent amount of websites just about every day including Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, CNN and now Twitter thanks to this class, the one that beats them all is WMZQ.com powered by iheartradio.com, the online version of DC’s only country radio station. Yea, I know… shocker.

I remember the first time I heard WMZQ – I was sitting in a hotel room in Fairfax, VA while I was visiting the area for one of my first job interviews. I remember thinking, it’s bad enough that I may have to move north for a job, but I definitely can’t move somewhere that doesn’t have a country radio station. So I started flipping through the stations and came across 98.7 WMZQ. Although I realized it was nothing like where I grew up with at least four country stations to choose from, I was thankful to have one (technically there are two in the DC metro area, but the Fredericksburg station 93.3 WFLS has bad reception in most places).

When I moved to the area, one of the first things I did was program WMZQ into the radio pre-set in my car. And I’ve been listening to the station on my computer at work ever since I found out you can also stream it online. At my current job, I sit alone at my desk for about 80% of the time so online radio really does have a positive impact on my day. I can’t start working without my breakfast bread, coffee and visiting the WMZQ website to listen online. Unfortunately, the best morning show ended about a year after I moved to the area, “Ben and Brian in the Morning.” Ben was my favorite and literally made me laugh out loud regardless as to what kind of day I was having. He ended up moving from the area to be closer to his family, but his legend lives on at YouTube. Here is one of his classic voice impersonation bits that I highly recommend watching – “Feliz Navidad.”

When the “Ben and Brian” show was on air, I kept tuning in online to add humor to my work days, but now the morning radio personality is Boxer. And although he’s definitely not as entertaining as Ben, I still return to WMZQ streaming online everyday for a few reasons: 1) Country music comforts me – it’s a piece of home I can listen to wherever I am 2) It’s interactive – I enjoy the two-way communication between the DJs and the listeners (although I’ve tried calling for many contests and still haven’t won anything yet!) 3) The DJs discuss topics that are important to me – I can hear interviews with my favorite artists, local concert announcements and news from one source. 4) And finally, because it’s convenient and free – if I actually had to buy a radio and bring it to work with me to tune in, I’m not sure I would. But because it’s on my computer and saved to my favorites, it becomes part of my daily routine.

As I sit here at my sister’s house in North Carolina on Thanksgiving Day, I also have to remember what I’m thankful for offline and all the wonderful blessings God has given me today – time with family and our dogs, Cowboys football, lots of great food and the new edition to our family who will be joining us soon; my niece, Savannah Grace. I’m also thankful for my sister’s husband and all of the soldiers overseas who don’t have the day off today. We are hoping to get to speak to him on Skype later today – the website my sister is most thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving to all!


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